Friday, November 21, 2008


So, here I am, sitting in the MARB, wishing that more MMBIO 151 students had questions. There was supposed to be a take home test handed out today, so I expected some company during my office hours, but Dr. Breakwell didn't get the test done on time, so it's just me.

If only there were something interesting to blog about.

I've read some interesting news articles lately, but nothing worth going into great depth on. There's the Gay School in Chicago, and I guess that's kind of weird. There's all the backlash about Prop 8 that the Church is getting, but if I go into that, I'll just get worked up and frustrated. Plus, it's not like anybody but my immediate family reads this blog, so my opinions are already known. Even science is boring this week. I mean seriously, studies about corn?

In the way of other blogs, I read Sam's yesterday and already saw all the new pictures of his kids (they're some good looking kids, Sam). John hasn't blogged since the election, so no entertainment there.

I'll just have to find something fun to do. Or maybe I'll have to buck it up and finish grading the last set of tests for Dr. Breakwell.

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Sam said...

but do you read my super secret blog?

I'm a Mormon.