Sunday, January 9, 2011

First day of work

Well, friends, for those of you who don't know, I recently got married.  More on that to come (I haven't written anything about it because I've been pretty busy with finals then getting married then driving from Texas to Michigan, then starting a new lab...lots to do).

So, Kate and I spent most of Monday settling in to our new place.  There was lots to do.  The AT&T guy came to help us hook up our internet and took forever.  I'm pretty sure he made another service call in the middle of helping us.  He was there at our apartment, sort of in and out a few times to the truck to get tools or whatever, then he left.  Didn't say anything, didn't ask if we were planning on being there for the next hour, just left.  The only way we knew he wasn't done was that he left some tools on our living room floor.  An hour later, he came back and went back to work without saying anything about having been gone.

Then, when he left after several hours, he informed us that we were ready to install our internet.  I was a bit confused because I thought that was what he had been doing, but he kindly informed me that we were self-install customers, and that he was just making sure that the phone lines were ready for us to do the installation ourselves.  So, that was weird.

By the time he left it was after 2PM, so I just decided to stick around the apartment and help Kate unpack stuff and organize.  There's a lot of that to do, it turns out.  The next day I went to work in Lyle's lab, which is being pretty fun so far.  I'll probably talk more about that once I get caught up on past events.

On Tuesday I came home from work on the bus, and it was cold.  I was tired.  And when I walked in the house, Kate said those three simple words every man longs to hear.  "Dinner is ready."  It was beautiful.  She had thrown some meat and stuff in the slow cooker and we had it over rice.  Simple for her, wonderful for me.  I truly have a great wife.

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Bradwich said...

The AT&T thing cracks me up. We've got service through them, too, and whole self-install process only took 15 minutes or so of plugging in cables. Silly AT&T.

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