Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bachelor Skills

I'm pathetic.

When Kate and I got into our new ward, she was immediately called into Young Women's (for any of my readers who are not LDS, she was asked to help teach Sunday School to the teenage girls, as well as be there to support and help them).  One of her responsibilities is showing up at the youth activities at church on Wednesdays.  Last night was the first of those. 

I came home from work and found no leftovers in the fridge (which is strange for us).  I stared at the fridge for a few minutes, and gave up.  I turned around and stared at the pantry for a few minutes.  Nothing.  I looked in the freezer with similar luck.  I couldn't see anything that could readily be turned into food.  I thought about it for a while, then gave up and made mac and cheese. 

Some of you probably don't realize what that means.  I pride myself on my cooking abilities.  When I make pizza, I make the sauce from fresh tomatoes and the crust from scratch.  I don't just make hamburgers, I make pork and chorizo burgers with a recipe I found from Emeril.  Bam.  I'm already excited for my Thanksgiving turkey because it means I get to buy a broiler pan.  And a few weeks of having dinner ready when I came home has turned me into a helpless child.

So, I guess my bachelor skills are fading.  I really should cook more.


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That's what you get for getting married. You can't have it both ways. Glad Kate has made such an impact on your life. Go Kate!

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