Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, it turns out that I'm not terribly bright.  The other day, I got frustrated and posted a rant.  It was a pretty good rant, as rants go.  Brad even made an insightful comment on said rant.  Then I posted on my Facebook wall that I was updating my blog.  Moments later, I got a thumbs up from a faculty member at the University. Which reminded me that my readers include more people than just Brad and my family (which is almost repeating myself).

So, I hurried over to my blog and removed the post that might have hurt some feelings.  If anybody read a post that they can't find anymore, that's why.  I apologize to anybody who I might have offended. 

Moral of the story?  Never say anything you don't want everyone hearing.  Thanks a lot, internet.  Thanks a lot, Al Gore. 


Bradwich said...

Yay for shoutouts. Fwiw, I had to think pretty hard to remember what said rant was about, and then even harder what my supposedly "insightful" comment was. :)

Like you said, the joy of the internet--making your private information public, especially when embarrassing or potentially-career-damaging.

Moishe Mormonides said...

I like rants. You should email it to me.

David said...

Sorry, Moishe, but in my haste to remove the offending post, I permanently deleted it. It was the fastest way to get it off the blog. I'm sure I'll get mad at something else some other time, and I'll let you know.

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