Monday, March 5, 2012

Credit Card

Back when Kate and I were engaged, I saw an ad from Capitalone that said I could put a picture on my credit card for free. I thought it would be sweet to put a picture of me and Kate. Since we had just taken our engagement pictures, I grabbed one of those and put it on a card.

I've gotten mixed reactions. The cute old Chinese ladies at TK Wu thought it was adorable (and immediately started flirting with Hufnagel since I was taken).

The most common reaction is "is that you?" Nope. Just some guy. Thought he was cute.

Maggie thought it was so funny that she had to take a picture to show Matt, who laughed. Heather hid her amusement long enough to say it was cute.

But, it's time to get a new picture. Which poses a problem. Kate and I don't take many pictures. When we do take pictures, it's because we're somewhere fun which means I'm on vacation which means I probably haven't shaved. Or showered.

So, we went for a picture of Majzy. It's a really good picture that I'm really proud of. We went out for a day playing at the park in the snow, and as we ran back to the car, I pulled out the camera and caught this one. Black dog against a gray snowy background.

Neat, huh?

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the House of Payne said...

Mine has a picture from our wedding, which gets me lots of nice comments about what a lucky man I am. So true!

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