Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buying a car

The last couple posts have been about cars, so I figure I should put one more up.  For now. 

Kate and I, as I've said, spent quite a bit of time researching cars.  We looked at consumer reports and compared features and specs on manufacturer's websites.  We test drove a few cars we liked.  We did all sorts of stuff.  As Sam has said, Honda makes a pretty darn good car, and we found that in our research.  The best value in a car (of the type we were looking at) was a Honda Fit.  Relatively cheap to buy, very cheap to own.

So, on Saturday we were down in Toledo for our dog training class (we go every Saturday so that Majzy can learn to be a good little pup), and outside we saw a red Honda Fit for sale.  After class we asked the instructor, Carla, and she said it was hers.  This was at about 10 AM.  And by 1 PM we had made all the calls we needed to make, done all the research we needed to be comfortable calling Carla and Terry to tell them not to sell to anybody else.  They (thankfully) didn't want us to drive back down to Toledo to give them a good faith deposit.

We moved some money around and headed down on Wednesday morning to buy our new car.  I should probably post a picture, but I don't want to go outside and take one. 

And that's how the Michigan Paynes have more cars in their household than people (while we work on selling Lenny and Clifford).

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