Sunday, June 24, 2012

If you give a mouse a drawer...

Before we went Texas, Kate and I noticed some mouse droppings in our kitchen.  I cleaned a bit but we just sort of hoped the problem would fix itself.  Surprisingly, it didn't.   We came home and found more new droppings.

So we started cleaning again. And the more we cleaned the more we found. So we decided to do a massive kitchen cleanup. We washed every dish we own and took all the clean ones out of the kitchen. We cleaned all the cabinets with bleach. We moved the stove and fridge and cleaned under both of those. In all it took us  about two days.    

The apartment maintenance guy came out and set some mouse traps, but so far they haven't caught anything.  I also haven't found new droppings.  Maybe seeing the traps made the mice realize we were serious and they decided to go eat our neighbors' food.  Let's hope so.

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