Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dog bed part 1

For anybody who hasn't heard, Kate and I get lots of our furniture free.  We don't go in the dumpster or anything, but we've taken several things from next to the dumpster.  Adjacent to garbage is not the same as garbage.

Anyway, the other day (like 3 months ago, but I've been too busy to blog it, so it's "the other day"), we found a dresser.  Which would be totally sweet if it had any drawers, but it was just the shell.  We decided to take it in anyway and see if we could re-purpose it into something else.  A bookshelf or something.  And if it didn't happen, we could throw it right back in the trash without costing us anything but a trip up the stairs.

We brought it into the house, and Majzy liked it.

Before it had been inside 10 minutes, she started playing in puppy prison.

So I knocked out the bottom couple crossbars and made it her little playplace.  Dogs and wolves have evolved living in caves and other tight spots, so they like to sleep in somewhat enclosed areas (like doghouses).  So, we dragged her bed underneath the dresser and she immediately started sleeping there.  Curled up in the tiny part of the bed that's under the dresser.

 One of these days, we're going to finish the project by prettying it up a bit, but for now, it's good enough for her so it's good enough for me.

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