Thursday, October 23, 2008

More band names

Well, it has been a bounteous few weeks in my classes, with lots of new band names.

First, we got a couple of good immature, teen-punk bands. "Vigorous Gas Producers" and (one of my true favorites) "The Sausage Disease." We followed those up with "Swabbing With Sputum" and "Mexican Goat Cheese," both of which I think would fit in a similar, but ever-so-slightly more mature, group. Maybe in the range of Green Day instead of Blink 182.

We got a couple of good one-word names like "Invader" and "Shanker," and even a rockabilly-esque "Greased Watermelon." There was a crazy-but-adorable Japanese-pop "Fuzzy Test Tubes" (which is what Dr. Robison calls mice). And for good measure, one more Death Metal bands "One Time Kill."

I think, though, that my favorite thing to come from all this wasn't a band name at all. The best had to be a low-budget horror movie called "Return to the Dark Zone." It makes me wonder what the first Dark Zone was about. And why anybody would want to return there. And whether or not Bruce Campbell was in it.


David said...

Wow. It looks like my names got beaten both by my brother and by the unnecessary quotes blog.

the House of Payne said...


Also, we came up with Mechanical Penthouse, but didn't end up using it.

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