Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Science boring...interest fading

I am in an immunology class here at BYU, and it can be super-boring. Not all the time, but sometimes it is a struggle to pay attention. One day I noticed that things on Dr. Robison's Powerpoints sounded a lot like death metal band names. Things like "Suicide Program" and "Death Domain."

Once I noticed this, the names started popping out at me all over in that class. Names like "Syphilis Test." The names weren't limited to just death metal, although those are the best ones. Today we talked about "Himalayan Fantasy," which my friend Brad says sounds to him like psychedelic rock, and "Ultrasonic Nozzle" which would probably be some sort of indie-folk-pop.

The moral of the story? Maybe scientists aren't as boring and nerdy as they want us to think...

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Bradwich said...

I really like Ultrasonic Nozzle. Maybe that's what I'll have to call my band next time I start a new one on Rock Band.

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