Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bubble boy

The other day I saw a presentation on SCID, also known as the Bubble Boy disease because people who suffer from it are confined to a sterile life in a bubble. As part of the presentation, the group gave away a bottle of bubble solution with a bubble wand to people who answered questions. I managed to get my hands on one, and put it in my backpack.

Today I was in a really good mood walking home from campus, so I got it out of my backpack and blew bubbles all the way home. It was interesting to see how people reacted. Most people (including a couple people I know but not that well) avoided eye contact. They just kept their eyes down and kept on with their gray rainy day (it had stopped raining long enough for some bubbles, but it was still gray and cloudy). It was kind of sad.

One dude got this big grin on his face and chased the bubbles as they blew away. That was definitely the highlight of my day. The moral of the story? Bubbles are fun. Watching your feet isn't.


Mollie said...

Good to see you like to blow bubbles. If you live with us this summer, there's two boys who LOVE to chase bubbles, and would do it all day if they could.

Bradwich said...

That is probably the happiest thing that I've heard all day.

the House of Payne said...

This is a story you should tell in your Edward James Olmos voice.

I'm a Mormon.