Friday, July 3, 2009


This afternoon, John and I were outside playing with Sam's kids. After we played hide and seek for half an hour or so (and all the hiding spots in the pretty empty back yard had been used several times), we were looking for something else to do. So we taught the boys how to play Cricket.

We have no idea how to play Cricket.

So, basically we just hit balls with bats and hockey sticks and made up names for anything we did. Here are all the moves I remember:

Punching Judy: hitting a ball slowly up a hill
The King Richard: Standing squarely over the ball, hit down onto it with your bat, making sure that it stays right where it is. This move can only be done with a flat ball
Googley: Hitting the ball downhill
Wicked Googley: Hitting the ball downhill towards a slide
The Crumpet: Fake hitting the ball with a hockey stick, but really kick it
The Dutchess of York: Pick up the ball with two bats and throw it
The Changing of the Guard: When a player drops his bat, another player picks it up, both players bow, and hand the bat off. The receiving player must say "the changing of the guard."
The Junior Patrick: Hit the ball over a red car

I'm pretty sure those are the real rules to Cricket. Or at least pretty close.


Bradwich said...

Pretty awesome, man. It sounds to me a lot like Calvinball. :)

the House of Payne said...

It's like Calvinball, but more British.

I'm a Mormon.