Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grad school stuff

Hey, all.

So, I've been pretty quiet about grad school information with you guys.  This has two big reasons. 
  1. I don't want to say things before I'm sure about them
  2. I'm incredibly lazy and just haven't gotten around to it
I'll let you decide which was the major contributing factor.  So, here's the news.

I applied to six schools.  Washington University, University of Michigan, University of Texas Southwestern, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Princeton University, and University of Chicago.  Chicago misfiled my application somehow and by the time I heard from them (asking me for some information before they could process it) I had already set up 4 other interviews, and just didn't think I would have the time and stamina to go there.  So I told them to just throw out my application.  One down.

Princeton called me to offer an interview, but I don't really want to live in Princeton.  It's expensive, among other things.  Also, they didn't take nearly as much care of me as the other places did, and I want to be at a grad school that works hard to take care of students.  Two down.

I went to interview at the other four, and really liked them all.  I went into the interviews thinking WashU was the clear leader of the pack, but after interviewing at them all, it's much muddier.  I was kind of hoping that some of the schools would reject me so I wouldn't have as hard of a decision to make, but all four accepted me.  Not that I'm complaining. Being accepted at four top-notch schools is a pretty awesome turn of events.

Now I have to figure out where I'm going.  Which will entail making a huge spreadsheet to try to compare everything I can.  But the schools are all so well matched that it will probably come down to a coin flip.  Anybody have a 4 sided coin?


Sam said...

yo gufus. give me a call

Bradwich said...

Congrats, man! Super exciting stuff. Good luck with your decision.

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