Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange hobbies

You know, I've heard lots of strange things people do to amuse themselves.  Watch anime, play rugby, knit, etc.  But this one takes the cake.  Punching kids.  This old guy punches kids in the back of the head for kicks.  He likes the thrill of getting away with it while their parents are right there.

You know what makes it even better?  He does it in Walmart.


EliB said...

oh! I totally read about that! I was like so surprised - what a weird old man. he must of gotten tired of all of his video games or something (or just couldn't see them anymore) and resorted to punching kids. i boycott old men.

Bradwich said...

Dude... that's messed up. And what parent is going to believe their kid when their kids tells them what happened? Holy crap.

I'm a Mormon.