Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jews are awesome

Well, I could really leave this one right here and get the basic message across.  Jews are, in fact, awesome.  But some people keep asking for more cowbell details about my life, so here we go.

Last Wednesday, I went to get a free bagel at the Alumni Center.  Just one of the many perks of being a student.  Every week, they have free bagels and some student group is there handing out their recruitment propaganda.  Last week, the student group was Hillel, the umbrella organization for Jewish student groups on campus.

So, being a wannajew, I stopped to talk to them.  They were really nice.  They gave me a fridge magnet that says "גו בלו", which is "Go Blue!" transliterated (not translated) into Hebrew.  It's kinda fun.  I turned down several Silly Bands (apparently something the kids are doing these days) shaped like Stars of David and letters in the Hebrew alphabet.  But the best thing they gave me was the number of the Jewish Penicillin Hotline. This is a group of students who will bring any sick student matzo ball soup for free.  Just to help out their fellow man.

You see, it says in the Talmud that "a sick person should know that he or she isn't left to suffer alone."  And simple as that, the students want to make sure that any sick person knows that they have a friend.  Jew or Gentile, they just want to do that kind of service for anybody who is suffering.  And that's why Jews are awesome.

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Paul said...

Agreed, Jews are awesome. Jews are one of 6 things that I am a fan of on facebook. I'll have to look for a Jewish organization at the U. ps thanks for the Challah bread last year.

I'm a Mormon.