Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Does anybody enjoy political talk TV?  My roomie is watching Keith Olberman right now and I realized something: I hate them all.  Beck, Olberman, even Jon Stewart who I used to really like.  They're all insufferable tool bags.  The shows involve a lot of really smug bragging about everything that the other party does wrong, lots of complaining about things that don't go their way, and videos and sound bytes that make the other guy look dumb.  So annoying.

I'm not going anywhere with this.  I'm just sayin, is all.


the House of Payne said...

Yeah, they all suck. People who know me a little bit and know that I am interested in politics are always surprised that I don't like talk radio, the various ranters on TV, or even those smug jerkholes Colbert and Stewart. But I hate them all.

Bradwich said...

I sure wish things were more about the issues rather than the parties. Blah.

I'm a Mormon.