Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chinese food

Last night, Kate and I went out to eat Chinese food at a place in Ypsi called Emerald City.  We went because we've seen signs saying they have a buffet, and we love Chinese buffets.  But, sadly, they only had a lunch buffet.  We thought about going somewhere else, but we didn't know any other Chinese buffets so we decided to just go for Chinese food in normal portions.

The restaurant was really pretty, and I think I may go back some time during the day to take pictures.  It was very unexpected.  The entrance is around the back, so the front is very plain and it looks kind of like a dive from the road.  But the entrance is really fun, with brick arches surrounding the entrance patio.  Inside is pretty too, with lots of carved wood work.  We were also the only white people there, which I always take as a good sign. 

We ordered a family dinner for 2, which turned out to be more than enough food for the two of us to have dinner and a few lunches.  When I asked for chop sticks, they brought me out the standard splinter-in-your-mouth disposable ones.  You know the ones where you have to break the two chopsticks apart from eachother?  Those.

I didn't mind because, like I said, that's pretty standard.  But when I looked around, I noticed that all the other people -- the Chinese people -- had way nicer chopsticks.  They all had nice polished black chopsticks.  So, they gave me the kiddy sticks and saved the nice ones for the folks who know how to use them.  I laughed all the way home.

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