Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craigslist fun

Dear readers, I warn you that this will be a stream of consciousness post.  I don't feel like thinking this through and making it coherent.  Anybody who doesn't like it can complain to the management and get a full refund for your blog subscription.

So, Kate and I have a pile of stuff in the study that we really need to get rid of.  For instance, the router that John and I bought at a garage sale when we lived together.  5 years ago.  I have moved some of these things every time I moved since my mission.  Since the beginning of my mission.  So, I decided to finally take the time to put them on Craigslist.

One of the things was a TV I bought from Seth, my old roomie.  I bought it from him when I was getting married and he was getting married and I needed a TV.  But it has been sitting in the study for 6 months unused since Kate and I found a steal on a better one.  So I finally bit the bullet and sold my old TV for a loss.  I posted it for $70 and let the guy talk me down to $50.  When he showed up he brought two friends, and they were barely able to carry it out of the apartment.  And then they couldn't get it in their car.

I felt a little bad about this, but I had warned him that it was a big, old TV.  I even sent him measurements.  So I didn't feel too bad.  We offered to put it in the back of Clifford (the F-150) and take it to his dorm for another $10.  So, we loaded it up into the truck, but Elio was worried that it would fly around and get damaged.  He had already paid for the TV, so I totally understand his concern.  So, he decided to ride in the back of the truck with his new TV.  Bear in mind that it was well after dark, 17 degrees, and kind of snowy. 

Poor Elio thought he could handle it, but Kate was smarter than him thankfully.  She gave him an extra coat, hat, scarf, and a blanket.  We drove all the way across town to his dorm and by the time we got there he said he couldn't feel his legs.  But he had a new TV.  He got 10 guys from the dorm to help him unload it and take it in.  I got $60, he got a TV, and everybody walked away happy.  Capitalism!

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the House of Payne said...

Capitalism is fun. That's why I love being part of the 1%. One percent rules, ya'all.

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