Wednesday, February 11, 2009

crazy milk conspiracy

So, one thing I have always loved is reading conspiracy theories. I'm not sure why. They're just fun. Lately, some of these have had some bad press, as the "immunizations cause autism" set of theories has recently been debunked pretty handily.

In light of that, gmail brought me this beauty: the Milk Conspiracy. Yep. The milk conspiracy. Apparently big dairy is taking all the nutrients out of your milk by pasteurizing it. I'm not sure what exactly they stand to gain by doing this, but I am sure that it is truly evil.

Dr. Douglass also says he has proof that raw milk tastes better. I'm not sure how you prove something like that, but I admit that I am very curious. Not curious enough to give this nutcase my email address (you have to to read the report), but curious.

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