Friday, February 27, 2009

New there anything they can't do?

In case I haven't made myself clear in the past, I love New Zealand.

First there was Lord of the Rings, which showed me that New Zealand is where I want to live (also that I want to have lots of little hobbit kids with Rosie and run around barefoot). Then there was Flight of the Conchords, which showed me that New Zealanders 1, hate Australians 2, are really funny and 3, get to say "yis" and "bid" instead of "yes" and "bed".

Today, New Zealand has amazed me again. The Weta Workshop (the guys who did lots of the special effects for Lord of the Rings) have made a woman into a mermaid. I don't mean for a movie. A woman who lost both her legs to an illness wrote them asking to make her a mermaid so she could swim, and they made her a functioning mermaid suit. Like, she can put it on and use what remains of her legs to move the tail and actually swim.

How awesome is that?

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