Saturday, April 3, 2010

Food is yummy

Hey, friends.

Some of you probably know that I am in a dinner group here in Provo. That means that I am in a group with 12 people, and we rotate cooking dinner for each other. Four days a week, every three weeks it's your turn. It's a pretty slick deal. This week was my last turn in the rotation, so it's my last chance to post my dinner recipes on here (which is something I meant to do every time so I could find them easier next time).

So, in a desperate attempt to tell winter to go away (it didn't work- it's still snowing), I made a summery meal. Pork burgers adapted from Emeril (Bam!), coleslaw, and a delicious blueberry coffee cake. I also made French fries from the frozen food isle...but that doesn't really need to be posted.

Pork burgers:
Cook 1.2 lbs chorizo (that's the size of the package I bought. Use more for spicier burgers, less for old-person burgers) and remove the membrane if it has one. Put the chorizo in a Cuisinart or find some other way of chopping it really small.
Mix chorizo with ~6 lbs ground pork (not sausage, just ground pork). Mix in 3T garlic powder (or 8 cloves actual garlic), 2T cajun seasoning, and 3T Worcestershire sauce.
Mix it all up pretty well and form into 16 patties (yes, it's a lot. I was cooking for a dozen people). One of these burgers is really enough for most people. Cook for about 10 minutes on a George Foreman (because it's snowing and you can't grill them outside).

I got this recipe from John who got it from someone else who got it from a magical summer elf. Or something like that.
8C chopped cabbage (both kinds)
1C shredded carrot (I got lazy and actually bought shredded carrot)
1 jalapeno chopped up (without seeds, if you're a sissy)
1/4C finely chopped onion

In a seperate bowl, mix:
1C mayo
2T vinegar
just under 2T sugar
1T salt
Some pepper (I didn't measure it)

Mix dressing with veggies. Then sprinkle celery seed on top. It makes a lot of dressing, so you may want to just put some of it on at a time till it looks right instead of dumping it all in. It was also kind of bland, so I may include more salt next time and maybe even more onion. Not sure yet.

And the coup de grace, coffee cake. I found this recipe in Mom's recipe rolodex, and she has since lost it. So my flash drive was for a while the only copy in existence. And I lost it. Now that it is found, I want to not lose this recipe. So here it is:

Cake part:
2C flour
1C sugar
1T baking powder
1t salt
1/3 C butter
1C milk
1 egg
Add half of the mixture to a greased 9x13 pan (other sizes DO NOT WORK as well. Trust me). Add 1C blueberries (NOT more- it sounds like a good idea, but the balance is off and it's less awesome that way). Then add the rest of the batter

1/3C brown sugar
1/4C flour
1/2t cinnamon
3T butter

Mix topping and put on the top of everything else. Bake 40 mins at 350.

Top with glaze:
1C powdered sugar
2T milk
1/4 t vanilla

Eat and be happy.


Bradwich said...

Dude, I loved dinner group. One of the best things about my bachelorhood in P-town.

the House of Payne said...

"Food goes in here."
"It sure does."

David said...

Well, Brad, remember that these huge recipes can always be scaled down for you and Mrs. Brad. Or you could leave them as they are and have pork burgers in the freezer for a month. Either way.

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