Saturday, August 14, 2010


No, friends, that's not a typo.  Yesterday was not only another Friday.  It was Fryday.  Kelly brought a deep fryer which we set up in Bob's office (Thanks, Bob!), and everybody brought stuff to fry. 

We started with pretty standard stuff.  I made hush puppies (which made me really want catfish, but that's another story), Lance battered and fried mushrooms (and they were delicious), and everybody was happy.  Onion rings, stuffed jalapenos, wantons, it just kept going. 

One thing we had all heard of but never had was deep fried snickers.  I bought a pack of the Halloween size minis and threw them in the freezer, then battered and fried them.  They were delicious, but they got all melty and the oil got nasty.  So we figured maybe they weren't cold enough.  So we threw them in the -80C freezer (-112F).  Also not too successful.  I'm not sure how those carnies do it.

But at some point, we went too far.  We fried a doughnut. Not like you're thinking.  We RE-fried a doughnut.

And it was delicious.  We cut it up into 6 pieces (because that was too much power for one man to take) and each tried a piece.  I wish I had gotten a picture of everybody's faces.  Priceless.

Then, we went too far again.  We put a couple Swiss cake rolls in the -80.  Then we battered them.

And fried them.

The filling in the middle was still cool and creamy, but the outside was rich and delicious.  Amazing.  Again, too much power for any mortal man to take.

I've already sent the pictures to This Is Why You're Fat, so don't bother. 

Now let us never speak of this delightfully shameful moment again.


Bradwich said...

Wow, the swiss roll is making my mouth water. Nice!

the House of Payne said...

I feel a combination of disgust and envy.

I'm a Mormon.