Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Other Guys

Well, it seems that by advertising my blog on my Facebook page I have gained some new readers.  Just so those readers don't think that all I do is talk about my beard, I should probably have a post or two about something else before I get back to beard pictures (which are coming soon).

For my new readers, I should inform you that I really like movies.  I also really like to talk about movies.  It's like having an interesting life of your own to talk about.  Almost.

So, yesterday Kate and I went to see The Other Guys in the theater.  We were both expecting a summer seat-filler type movie.  It's got Marky Mark, so I expected him to be kind of clever and funny.  It's got Will Ferrell, so I expected some incoherent monotone yelling.  I sort of got those, but it was actually really really funny.

The movie pokes fun at some common movie cliches, like explosions only being dangerous if you are in them (ignoring the flying glass and shrapnel as well as the concussive force), the good guys being invincible, main characters all being unrealistically attractive, etc.  But they don't go so far into poking fun that they become just a parody like those stupid Scary Movie movies. 

Anyway, surprisingly good movie that I'm actually thinking of buying when it comes out.  That's how good we're talking.  The last movie I bought was Lone Star State of Mind, and that was three or four years ago.  I don't want to over-hype it, because I think one of the things that made it great was that it exceeded my low expectations, but you should check it out if you want a fun weekend movie.

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