Saturday, October 15, 2011

Camping trip part I - the drive

Hey there, readers. As promised, I'm posting some pictures from our recent camping trip. It was pretty fun, so here's some pictures and a travelog.

Kate and I headed up to Sleeping Bear Dunes, up in the North West corner of Michigan.

For reference, we live in Ann Arbor, down by the base of the thumb. That's a lot of mitten to cover. We left AA about 10 in the morning excited for a camping trip. It was pretty rainy but we have a tarp and we weren't that worried.

On the way we got hungry, so we pulled over in Sterling, MI (pop. 533). Not much there, but we had a good feeling. And we were right. You see, Sterling, MI is home to Iva's Chicken Dinners.

Here's Kate in her camping clothes freezing so I could take a picture of Iva's. Isn't she sweet?

We ordered a Family Style dinner, which apparently means "Enough food to feed several families". They brought us soup, bread, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and a whole fried chicken. That's right, I said a whole fried chicken.

I forgot to take a picture of the spread, so enjoy the picture of the aftermath. You can't see it in that picture, but the plates were very cool.

That's right, the restaurant's plates have a picture of the restaurant. Awesome.

And of course, we had to top it off with a slice of pie.

More to come...

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Man, that looks like good pie.

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