Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best Hospital Ever

Well, friends, here we are.  Kate and I took a trip to Texas for Early Christmas (since tickets are expensive at real Christmas).  Saturday we flew into Dallas airport and got picked up by Kate's folks to go to Daingerfield for a few days.  Kate wasn't feeling super great, what with the travel stress and all, but we weren't terribly worried.  Sunday she woke up with a fever of 104.  Which isn't good.  So she spent all day feeling pretty miserable.  Monday she wasn't any better, so we went off to the doctor.  After some blood work and an ultrasound we ruled out gall bladder (which was the doctor's first guess), so we checked into the hospital for some more tests.  Doctor thought it might be the appendix, which we really didn't want because that means surgery.

CAT scan showed no problems with appendix, but a big kidney infection.  Which is actually good news, because there is no surgery involved.  Just lots of antibiotics.

So, here I am on Wednesday morning and I've got lots to be thankful for.  The hospital is really nice.  Kate has her own room with hard wood floors, a really nice view, and even a little patio outside.

Not that we can use the patio (the door to the outside doesn't open) but it gives the illusion of being able to go outside, which is almost as good.

Kate has gotten lots of visitors.  It's nice to be in a hospital close enough to home where people can come by.  Her Dad brought flowers, and John and JaNae sent flowers too.

All in all, we are very lucky.  While I was writing this post, the doctor came in and told us that we are free to go as soon as Kate's IV is done.  I am very ready to be sleeping on something better than this

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Hey, our flowers matched! Awesome! Go team Venture!

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