Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving: The Aviary

Like I said in my main Thanksgiving post, John, JaNae, Kate, and I went to an Aviary while we were in Niagara Falls for Thanksgiving.  It was super-fun.  This post will be pretty light on the text, I just thought with all the pictures I should break it into its own place.

 Pirate wife!!!
The first part of the aviary was a reptile room, where you could touch all the animals.  This was a fun little iguana named Fernando.  He was very slow and just sort of walked around and sat under his heat lamp.
 One of the staffers walked around with a giant snake.  It was really big.
 There were two turtles who just wanted out of their enclosure.  This little guy just kept trying and trying to scratch his way out. 
 After the reptile room, we went into the small bird room.  This is the only picture from the small bird room.  I liked this one because it looked like a coloring book picture of a bird that a 3rd grader colored.  Purple, yellow, red, everything.  Just a bunch of colors.

After the small bird room and a nocturnal bird room (no was dark) we went into the big bird room.  Both big birds and a big room.  This bird was huge and he just sort of sat there up near the top like he was king of the world.

At least, he looked like the king of the world until this Phoenix flew by (maybe it wasn't phoenix. It was hard to tell).

I tried to get a good picture of this one, but he was tough to get.  He was a really pretty green and black.  I've got more pictures below.

And that's about all we got from the aviary.  Fun!


the House of Payne said...

You should add some of these to my facebook photo album. Can that be done? Is it possible?

Bradwich said...

Demetri Martin once asked how long it will take our society to stop immediately thinking "pirate!" when we see someone with an eyepatch. My guess is never.

I'm a Mormon.