Sunday, June 21, 2009


So, in case you haven't heard, PETA is full of crazy people. I mean, seriously crazy. Yesterday I was going to downtown DC to play Frisbee with some friends from church when I saw an ad on the Metro saying that PETA would be in the same place as we were going to play. They were protesting something or other "every day, all summer long" on the National Mall. I was halfway looking forward to seeing them there and half hoping they would just not bother me.

When I got off the Metro, it was raining relatively hard. I forgot about PETA and started worrying that none of my friends were going to come play since it was so wet. I was wrong, and we played muddy Frisbee for a few hours. It was super fun.

As I was leaving, I realized that the PETA people weren't there- I can only assume that they didn't show because of the rain. If a group of Frisbee players don't mind the rain but protesters who claim to have an important cause are afraid to get wet, that can only mean one thing. I like Frisbee more than PETA likes animals.

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Bradwich said...

Easy there, Dave. Frisbees have feelings, too. Don't eat them. Or sea kittens (PETAs new name for fish).

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